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Contract Compliance


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The Dekalb County Office of Purchasing and Contracting (DPC) is committed to an open, inclusive and efficient Local Small Business Enterprise Program. To that end, there must be a consistent focus on the parameters called for by the LSBE ordinance. Our goal is to provide opportunities to local small businesses in a way that is fair and equitable, while ensuring 100% compliance with contract terms and ordinance requirements by all parties.

Our contract compliance commitments include the following:

    • Prompt payment – payments from DeKalb County to prime contractors, and from prime contractors to subcontractors and consultants will be made on time, in accordance with ordinance requirements and the terms and conditions of the contract. Failure to pay promptly may constitute breach of contract.
    • Listing of LSBEs and subcontractors – contractors must provide a list of all LSBEs and subcontractors to be used in the performance of the contract. Subcontractor participation in the contract will be monitored by DPC.
    • Verification of subcontracts – Once the contract is awarded, DPC will verify the contracts with all listed LSBEs, and the dollar amounts that were approved by the board of commissioners.
    • Schedule changes – the contractor may not change the schedule of LSBE participation or engage substitute contractors without prior written consent from DPC. Requests for changes or substitutions must be made in writing, with a clear explanation of the basis for the request. Unauthorized changes may constitute breach of contract.
    • Additions – if a contractor wishes to hire a subcontractor for work that was not included in the original LSBE schedule that was submitted to DPC, the request must be approved by DPC and the contractors must make a good faith effort to allow LSBEs a fair opportunity to bid on the new scope of work.
  • DPC decision is final – the final decision on a contractor request for changes or substitutions rests with the Director of DPC and will be communicated to all parties in writing.


Vendor Evaluation Form:

Please complete the Vendor Evaluation Form on a quarterly basis to record the performance of your LSBE Subcontractors. This form will be utilized to assist with future award references, in addition to, providing support for allegations of poor performance as identified in Sec. 2-209. Contract Performance Compliance. (d) per the DeKalb First LSBE Ordinance.

Vendor Complaint Form:

Please complete the “Vendor Assistance Request Form” to report any issues and/or concerns related to subcontract agreement performance, as well as, LSBE utilization/participation (form applicable to both Prime Contractors and LSBE Partners).


Submission: Once document is complete, please email to DekalbFirstLSBE@dekalbcountyga.gov

Click link to review the process as defined by the County ordinance
LSBE Denial Appeal Procedure