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Attend the How to do Business with DeKalb County Meeting -2nd Friday of each month. Don’t forget to start the re-certification process at least ninety days before expiration.

Application Process


hands holding pan   DeKalb Vendor Registration Form ( iSupplier)
Each Applicant of the DeKalb County Local Small Business Enterprise (LSBE) program should follow the process below:
  1.  Completion of registration process via the iSupplier portal. Enter here.
  2. Using Supplier Number provided upon completion of DeKalb Vendor Registration ,complete Local Small Business Enterprise (LSBE) online application
  3.  Complete Confidential Financial Statement
  4.  Submit all required documentation as shown on the checklist below
  5.  Desk Review – Once required documentation is received, a desk review of application and documents will begin.
  6.  Once Desk Review is completed a Site Visit will be conducted
  7.  After Site Visit, a final decision shall be made for approval or denial of the application.
  8.  Applicant is advised of application decision
  9.  Once online, you will be able to check if your are a new applicant or a re-certification

We encourage all applicants to complete the LSBE certification online.  Paper applications only delay the processing time.  An online application submittal is the only way to ensure your company is added to the Certified Vendors list immediately following your certification application approval.

Click to Begin LSBE Application Download Checklist

The Application Checklist is the same for New LSBE application and Re-certification application. A copy of the Checklist is available below. The Checklist will be a valuable tool as you gather documents in preparation for submitting the online application.  The Checklist is also available as part of the online application process.  The required documents will be uploaded in the online system.

For questions email: applications@dekalblsbe.info


The LSBE application process is a 30-45-business day process (60 -90 Calendar days). All completed applications with all required documents received by the 15th of each month will be scheduled for a site visit in that application cycle. The application processing timeline does not begin until all required documentation is submitted with application.  

Denial Review Process

An applicant business that has been denied certification or re-certification or been de-certified may protest the denial or de-certification as follows: (1) Within fifteen (15) days of receipt of denial of certification or re-certification, or notice of intent to decertify, the firm may protest such action in writing to the deputy director, contract compliance, or designee. Click link to review the process as defined by the County ordinance LSBE Denial Appeal Procedure